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How To Get Virtual Credit Card For Free With Revolut

What Is Virtual Credit Card? (VCC) 

A VCC or virtual Credit Card is a prepaid card. With a free VCC, you can buy anything hosting, buy domains, Online products, and you'll also use it for PayPal verification, Azure Verification & Google Cloud Verification . There are many benefits of the virtual prepaid card, basically a hacker cannot hack your card and you'll add a limit balance supported what proportion you would like to use. There are many sorts of VCC Master cards, Visa cards, etc. .

For many payment transactions on the web , you would like a mastercard . However, many purchasers don't accept debit cards. Therefore, the virtual Credit Card is an alternate thanks to perform payment transactions on the web .

Features Of Virtual Credit Cards

Completely digital and used for online purchases only.

The card is secure and the user can block its use at any time.

Set up spending limits for specific merchants.

Prevents security breaches into your main credit account.

Usually short expiration dates, you’ll have to update VCC number each time it expires. 

How To Get Revoult Virtual Credit Card

Let’s start our procedure 

You need a Social Security number (SSN) during this process with the US driver's licence .

This is not a drag for americans , but what to try to to once you aren't from the United States?

For the SSN you'll ask your relatives. you'll also easily search and obtain SSN

in some forums, websites, in some channels and groups within the application of telegrams, discords, etc.

But using someone else's SSN is against the law .

You can test the fake SSN from the SSN generation website or the website and test if it works, but I'm unsure about the fake SSN.

After getting the ssn, you would like a driver's license!

If you're outside the US, please connect your VPN to the US open browser like Firefox, brave.

Now attend the revolut website by clicking here

Download the revolut app on your Android or iOS. i'm using Android. it's going to not be available in your location store.

Clear Play Store data and click on Force Stop and reopen Play Store with VPN connected. Now you'll download it.

You will need a US telephone number which you'll get through the textnow app.

enter your telephone number and name and date of birth an equivalent as within the SSN. Then click continue.

Enter your street details. If you reside outside the US, Google the fake address generator and use it because the address. Now click continue

Enter SSN and accept their policies.

Now under the cash option, you'll see the "virtual credit order" card option. Click that

Now click on get virtual mastercard and congratulations, you bought a virtual credit card!

The last important step is to verify the driver's licence or state ID. you'll use your original if you're from the US People outside the US can use fake templates.

After that, submit the license or state ID file and await verification from Revolut. I suggest submitting the state id

After verification, you'll now view the cardboard details. Use it wherever it works

I hope you liked the tactic and can come up with new methods from time to time!

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