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Today, we brought the most demanded tutorial for you all. "How to create an AWS Account?" 

What Is Amazon AWS? 

*Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leading cloud computing platform, is Amazon's main profit driver. AWS provides servers, storage, networking, remote computing, email, mobile development, and security. 



Step no. 1 You need to go to the website and then click on the Create a new account option. As you click it you will be redirected to a sign up page. Here you will be asked to put your email and set up your password you can use any email which had  never been used to create an aws account then in last you have to set up your account name, you will always be asked the same informations , even if you are from any country.  

Step no. 2 Now you have to fill contact information. enter your address , phone no. etc.. and here you will be asked how you plan to use AWS after filling all the information , you will be redirected to the billing page. 

Step no. 3 You can use any type of payment card. e.g. debit or credit. But my suggestion is used a VCC(virtual credit card) here. After completing your payment information . You will be charged some money as verification charge I'm  from india so we have a verification charge of two Rupees.  If you are from other country you may have some other value. if you don't know How to create a vcc then don't forget to check out this article How To Get Free Virtual Credit Card? (VCC) 2021, After entering the OTP the verification charge will be deducted from your bank account , and we will proceed to the last step. 

Step no. 4 It will be asked for phone number verification. Here you can use any type of phone number , either VOIP or non-VOIP. here we have used a voip phone number for verification . And you can also use Text Now application for a personal phone number. It is now available on Play Store in India , but still you can download it from Browser. After entering the code we will reach our final completion step.

Step no. 5 Here we have to choose our account plan here we complete our sign up process by selecting the basic free Plan. Our account has been successfully created. then it (account )will be verified by the verification team which take 2 to 4  hours and may be even 10 minutes . After the account gets created we have to go to AWS management console. And there we have to sign up our accont. after 20 minutes of verification we received an email , which states that our AWS has been fully verified. and now we can launch any VM in ec2 now we have to go to our console homepage and sign in though  root user  now we will be redirected to the console homepage now we can change our desired server ,  Ohio is selected by default now we have switched to Mumbai server for better latency and to reduce delay from our RDP (FOR INDIANS) .


IF you have created an AWS account earlier then you might Know , what to do next. but if you are new to AWS, Then after clicking on "Launch An EC2 Instance", It will be shown Numbers of AMIs (Operating Systems) You can choose any of the operating systems like Linux, Mac or Windows. We are gonna select a windows AMI which is available for free tier. After Selecting the Windows AMI we have to choose our Instance Type. We get free tier only in t2.micro instance. As you can see that there are a lot of instances. And these are just Families of the Instances We get GPU in G4 and P2 type instances. You can see all the GPU Instances of G4 series. You can't create these directly. You need to get your Vcpu Limits Increased. 

If you don't know how to increase your Vcpu limit then just clcik on contact support and ask for increasing vcpu. In a new account I recommend you to create a free tier t2.micro. If you try to Create a GPU instance very soon your account may get suspended And if you are willing to get your Vcpu limit increase, we recommend you to use your atleast 90% of the free tier quota. Then only you should apply. keep doing everything next to avoid getting bills. You can change your port rules only if you need to do port forwarding. As you know many applications like Remotr doesn't works without opening ports. So, we have opened our every ports and selected All traffic and all TCP as rules. Keep the destination to "Anywhere". 


After that we move to our last step that is review and launch. Here we get the whole summary of our RDP and we have to create a Key for our RDP too. After clicking Launch,IT will be asked for a Key Pair. In a new account we have to create a new key pair, give it a name and download it. keep this PEM file safe because this file will be used later to get our Password. After selecting key pair, We have to click launch instance and our Launch process will begin. It may take 5 minutes to setup our RDP. After it launches we have to go to Connect option. And here we have to use the same PEM file to get the password of our Virtual Instance. Copy the password and Download your remote desktop file. As soon as you will enter the password in the prompt box, you will find yourself on the RDPs desktop. 

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