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  • How To Get Free Domain name without Hosting
  • How To Get a Free Domain and Hosting
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  • How To have Free Domain and Hosting 
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  • How To Get Free Domain and Hosting 

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Get Free Hosting or Domain For 1 Year

Hello Friends in this article I'm going share a trick for Free domain & hosting, Free domain email, Free domain without hosting, Free domain and Hosting, Free domain and email, Free domain and hosting for 1 year,Free domain name, Free domain account, Free domain email, Get a free domain,Get a free domain name, Create a free domain, Register a free domain that's it. 

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How To Order Free Domain

Finding The Free Domain Name

First go to this link

Now you can see here already written 
Claim your free domain 

You will also get the GitHub Free Hosting 
Not free one GitHub Paid Subscription

Enter the domain name which you want to buy
And then click on find 

Now my domain name (.me) is available at free
.tech .io .com also available at cheap rates 
But this tutorial is on free one. 

Adding Free Domain In Cart

Just click on ADD now you can see here 
The price is $0.00 

CLICK on complete order and select the 
Github Pages (Free Hosting) 

Verifying The Edu Mail

Now here You have to fill Edu Mail 

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FILL the Edu mail and then click on Finish Up

Now you have to verify your Edu Mail 
SO let's go

You can see here I just received the mail

CLICK on verify mail to verify your 
Edu Mail

Creating A Namecheap Account

Now Edu Mail is verified
Click on Register


Now you have to fill address 

CLICK on Create


Completing Order Of Free Domain

Price is 0.00$
Just click on Complete Order

Setting Up Free Hosting 

CLICK on Setup Your GitHub Account 
If you have Github account then Sign in
If not then create one.

Or you can direct sign in namecheap 
If you have already own a hosting

Now time to check we really get the free domain 
And free hosting or not. 
FILL the username or password to sign in


Now check the mail for otp

FILL the verification code and log in

Free Domain 

Successful logged in 
Now you can see here we have free domain
For 1year :-)

JOIN us on Telegram @TechnicalSacred
OR you can also watch the video tutorial 
Which is given below. 

Video Tutorial For Free Hosting OR Domain

Don't forget to share it with your friends.If you have question, don't hesitate to drop them down below in the comment section. 

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