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Hello Beautiful Readers in this article I'm going to guide you How to make LIVE SK KEY for CC CHECKER. If you read this article and follow all the steps then I'm taking guaranty you will success in making LIVE SK KEY (Stripe Key) and by chance if you face any problem then join Our Telegram Group @TechnicalSacredOfficial here You can ask your doubts or problem I will solve it. Bonus Video Tutorial also uploaded in Our Telegram Channel @TechnicalSacred. So, let's get started

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What is SK KEY & USE

To check the credit / debit cards you need an API key to interface the Telegram BOTs or CC CHECKER to Stripe (The payment gateway that uses this checker), having a private api key can be used to use the bot or checker even when the API key public has been blocked and has not yet been updated.

PART 1: How To Create Account

To create an api key,
First You Have to Register At STRIPE.COM
First Go To and Fill The Email 
Temp Mail also working I'm using

In country section choose Switzerland (Necessary) 

Now you have to verify your email check your email


 Here is mail just open it and click on verify Email

How To Activate Account

Email is verifed. Now click on 
Activate account

Business Structure

Now open Google and search 
Gyms in Switzerland click on show more in map section 
Then go to 5th,7th page and copy address and paste it 


FILL the address and click on continue

Business Representative

FILL the name and dob must be 21+


Copy phone number from address 
And fill it then click on continue

Business Details 

NO need to fill VAT number 
In industry section select membership organization

FILL the website link available with address 
And go to the website and Copy about 
And fill it in Product Discription
Then click on continue


Support Details

FILL the site name only 

Bank details

Change the currency to US DOLLAR


Then go here BANK ACCOUNT
And copy the routing or account number 

FILL here and click on continue 

Two Step Authentication 

Click on ise an authenticator app
If you are in android then install 
Google authenticator and use it
Otherwise you can use browser plugin

Copy the secret and paste it On authenticator 

FILL the code which you receiving 
Then confirm and click on on continue

Climate Contribution

Click on not right now


Check the details and submit it


SEARCH THIS ON search bar and on it

Select all 

Then select I want to collect full card details 
Then click on continue 

Phone Number Verification 

Now you have to verify phone number don't worry 
I Have a trick for it just click on next

Select USA in country code

Then go to

Copy phone number then fill it and verify easy. 

How To Get Live SK KEY (REVEAL KEY) 

Search API Keys in search bar 
And open it and click on Reveal Live Key 

CLICK on Reveal to Reveal It
And get your live Sk Key 

How To Check SK KEY (Live or Not) 


Then join Our Telegram Group 
And type /sk Your SK Key 
And send it

BOT check the sk key and give you result 
Like my sk key Is Live. 

If you follow all my steps your sk key will be live 
OR it will live for a month :-)
I hope you like this tutorial. 

Don't forget to share it with your friends.If you have question, don't hesitate to drop them down below in the comment section

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